Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping FAQ

Do You Offer Coupons or Discounts?

We offer everyday low prices on items in our store. Volume pricing is available on many popular items but for the most part our 'discount' is built in. Coupons are sometimes available at our trade shows. Coupons from 3rd party coupon sites are never valid.

What is the Partner Portal?

Businesses with multiple facilities, spec'd branding colors, and products may benefit from having an area of the site that is unique to them. The Partner Portal allows spec'd items to be found in one place to make it easier for your purchasing agents or contractors working on your properties to find approved items. Use the Contact Us form or call us if you need more information.


Do You Offer Free Shipping?

We offer subsidized shipping. What that means is that we will issue a tiered, percentage discount on qualifying orders that will offset a portion of the shipping. The discount will appear as a line item on your order, and your 'real' shipping cost will be your shipping total minus the discount.

Note: 'free shipping' is not really free. Companies that offer it must recover the cost of their shipping, usually by padding the price of the item you are buying. With subsidized shipping we pay part of the real cost charged by FedEx, USPS, UPS, or LTL carriers for you, without the 'FREE!' marketing gimmick.

Can I pick-up an order at your warehouse?

Warehouse pick-ups (aka 'will-call orders' ) are available by appointment for in stock items at our warehouses in Norwalk, CA and Fort Worth, TX. There are no walk-in sales. Simply place your order online, select the warehouse location you want to pick-up at and we'll get it ready and let you know when you can pick it up. Dropshipped items like replacement door springs and bollard covers are shipped direct to you, from our manufacturers, and are not available for pick-up.


How do I Submit my Tax Exempt / Resale Certificate?

• Send your RESALE certificate to .
• Depending on the state, additional forms may be needed in which case, billing will send the appropriate documents.

How do I apply for credit terms?

• Self-Storage facilities: Request for Open Account

(Can only be filled out by owners, company officers, or accounting managers)
• Contractors: fill out Commercial Application and return to .
Applications may take at least two weeks to process for verification.

How do I pay with ACH?

• Send an ACH Request email to for instructions

Order FAQ

Can I change or edit my order?

See the Refund Policy link in the footer of the store for the details.

Product FAQ

Can you match a paint color?

We have the ability to match colors on larger volume orders, or for our established commercial customers. We may reject or charge a fee to match very small quantities or 'one off colors' because of the work and cost in pouring off and activating small amounts of product, tinting, and spraying out to test the match. We do not match paint for retail/residential customers.