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Solvents, Thinners & Additives

Medium reducer for ChemBake Step 3 0 VOC Clear

Price: $19.99


Slow Reducer (T-1022) Item: Axa-T-1022_Gl
Slow reducer for systems using the ChemBake Step 3 )VOC Clear

Price: $34.99


Slow Reducer (Zero VOC) Item: EC-0075-ZERO-VOC
Reducers to correct viscosity and volume for applicable products.

Price: $47.99


Paint Retarder (1 gal) Item: EC-Rtrd1-AF1
Added to reducer to slow down the cure time of applicable products.

Price: $32.99


Slow curing optional additive for use with Chem-Bake 1 Step polyurethane coating and Chem-Clear 50 2k

Price: $45.99


9M05 Additive (5 oz) Item: EC-9M05-50z
BRUSH & ROLL THINNER (optional) for Chem-Bake 1 Step polyurethane coating and Chem-Clear 50 2k.

Price: $12.99


VG-39021 Additive (32 oz) Item: EC-VG-39021
Optional POT-LIFE EXTENDER for use with Chem-Clear 50 2k

Price: $33.99


Acetone (5 gal) Item: PRR-Acetone-2070-5
Highly effective cleaner, degreaser, thinner and remover for dried latex paints, epoxy and polyester resins, adhesives, contact cement and other coatings.

Price: $59.99


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