Solutions for Restoring Like-New Finishes to Chalking and Faded Self-Storage Doors

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Chalky Doors Got You Feelin' Blue?

Solutions to Restore & Refinish Faded, Lusterless and Chalking Doors

oxidized door with chalking paint

"Chalking" refers to paint that has begun to oxidize. While you can power wash this layer off, each time you do you are actually removing another layer of paint. Eventually you will end up with bare spots and need to repaint the door. This can be prevented by applying one of our clear Door Restore products which protect and restore lustre to the existing paint resulting in a 'like-new' finish. This extends the life of your color coat reducing the need for frequent and costly re-painting.

Our Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster is made to remove chalking oxidized paint in preparation for refinishing the door.

samples of restore doors using clear and color coat.
Endura-Clad Door Restore Bare Door

Change your door color, or clear-coat, protect and add a durable glossy finish to your tired overhead doors with our Endura-Clad paints or clear refinishing systems.

before and after sample of doors using door restore ultra-clear
Before After

Door Restore Ultimate is a hi-performance, high-build, two part Acrylic Polyurethane specifically designed for refinishing and restoring dull, chalky or faded metal roll-up doors. It adds a protective barrier to the door that provides a finish unparalleled in color and gloss retention, while also providing corrosion protection and improved scratch and mar resistance. Door Restore Ultimate is fortified with UV inhibitors for added protection. ollution, graffiti, and grime will clean right off. This is not a wipe on polymer that needs reapplication every year or two, but a hi-build coating that gives long lasting surface protection.

Door Restore Express is a fast drying 'do-it-yourselfer' friendly one step high gloss clear coat. It dries tack free in 5 to 15 minutes and is made to be applied every few years depending on your expectation and environment

This video demonstrates the incredible flexibility and bonding of the paint and clear coating to metal when it is properly applied. Notice that there is no cracking, even when subjected to temperature differences.

custom and stock colors including janus

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The Ultimate Restoration Products
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paint and restorative coatings for roll-up and overhead self storage doors

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