Remove Oxidized Paint - Using Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster

Zap-It Chalk & Grime Remover for Roll Doors
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Removing Chalking Oxidized Paint from Metal Door:

Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster

Application & Cleaning Instructions

  • Garden sprayer or other type of pump sprayer
  • Very soft “RV” or auto cleaning brush
  • Extra fine or non-abrasive synthetic steel wool pads (i.e. “Scotch Brite”) or microfiber pads
  • Small power washer or garden hose with a high-quality nozzle for rinsing the doors.
  • Note: The type of brush used is very important. DO NOT use “deck “, “utility”, or other stiff bristled brushes. Softer, fuller brushes are more effective in removing chalk in combination with “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster”.

    Initial Steps:

    If needed, Pre-Rinse or brush off all loose dirt, dust, and debris. Allow the door to dry completely. Mix “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” cleaner to desired dilution strength (see chart below).

    Chalk Removal or Cleaning for Refinishing: Start with a completely dry substrate. Liberally apply properly diluted “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” cleaner, thoroughly wetting the entire surface with “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” and keeping it wet at all times while scrubbing with the 'RV' brush. Spray with water as needed to keep the surface wet during the scrubbing process. Hand clean with pad at top, sides close to the walls and other areas where brush cannot be used effectively. Rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid letting “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” cleaning solution dry on surface prior to rinsing which may leave streaks and require a rewash of the entire door. Inspect when dry to make sure all chalk and grime has been removed. Any remaining chalk should be hand cleaned with micro-fiber or non-abrasive pad then thoroughly rinsed.

    Note: Using “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” full strength may de-gloss, damage or remove paint. Use with caution if clear finish is being considered as repainting may be required. General Cleaning - No Refinishing to be Performed:

    Spray on properly diluted “Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster” cleaner. Scrub with soft brush or cloth as needed. Do not allow to dry on door. Rinse with “Wash 'N Roll” to maximize rinsing and reduce streaking.

    Extreme oxidation in preparation for refinishing Full Strength or up to 1-1
    Heavy grime & oxidation removal for refinishing

    32 oz/1 Gal
    Heavy duty grime removal (no refinishing to be performed)

    16 oz / 1 Gal
    General cleaning (no refinishing to be performed)

    4 oz/ 1 Gal



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