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Recent Changes & Usage of Quote System

Requesting A Quote
This button use to take you to a seperate quote system. The system was not part of the normal checkout process and there were some issues because of this.

We replaced that system with an option at the end of the checkout process, where you can either pay for your order, or select "Request Quote". If you select "Request Quote" you will not be charged, and you exact basket, tax and shipping costs will be sent to us.

Select 'Request Quote'

Accepting A Quote
The quote is valid for two weeks unless otherwise noted. To accept the quote and convert it to an order you notify us and we will mark the quote as "Approved".

Paying for a Quote Once a quote is marked as "Approved" you will be able to pay for it on the "My Account | View All Orders" screen. Simply select the approved quote you want to pay, and proceed through the checkout & payment process.

go to 'My Account' screen

Paying for a quote

Note: You must pay for each quote individually and not add additional items or otherwise change the quote/order in any way; making changes will result in void the transaction. If you have a problem give us a call at (855) 366-1100.