Door Restore Express, Complete Trial Kit
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Door Restore Express (Clear):
Door Restore Express, Complete Trial Kit

Trial kit for 1-8' x 8' door. Contains 2 cans of aerosol fast drying high gloss clear coat. Abrasive pads and high pH cleaner to prepare the door surface.

Price: $19.99

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Door Restore Express, Aerosol. Complete Trial Kit
Restores Lustre to Chalky & Faded Doors

This kit should includes enough product and supplies for one average size 8' x 8' storage door when used as directed.

Kit Includes
  • 2 - 11oz cans of Door Restore Express Clear Gloss
  • 1 - Extra fine 000 abrasive pad to prep the door
  • 1 - High pH Door Cleaner

About Door Restore Express
  • Easy to use - clear one step coating
  • Protects - extends the life of the door with UV inhibitors
  • Extensible - reapply as needed to restore shine and protection.
  • Self-Healing - brush out drips and imperfections with a new coat
  • Fast Drying - for quick return to service
  • Durable - lasts 4 to 6 years - longer than wipe on polymer coatings and waxes.
Door Restore Express is a “self healing” type of coating which means the coating “melts” itself. Runs, drips, and sags can be removed using a soft cloth saturated with acetone. Repairs can then easily be done with a brush or a spray can. Future coats can be applied right on top after a simple cleaning, no need for extensive surface preparation.

DO NOT USE strong solvents such as lacquer thinner or acetone to clean doors treated Door Restore Express as it can damage the surface. If surface damage does occur just touch up with a brush or a spray can.

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Surface Preparation:
Apply high alkaline/high PH cleaner and degreaser to dry door then scrub the surface with an RV brush or extra fine '000' abrasive pads to remove all dust, dirt, grime, and chalk. Apply more cleaner or add water if door starts to dry while scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid letting the cleaning solution dry on the surface prior to rinsing. Inspect after drying to make sure all chalk has been removed. Any remaining small areas of embedded chalk can be removed with an extra fine abrasive pad or '000' extra fine steel wool then wipe the surface until it is dust free. Touch-up any scratches or other damaged areas with Endura-Clad touch-up paint.

Product Application:
Clean-Up: Can be cleaned up with acetone.

Conditions: Apply when surface and air temperature are between 60°F and 100° F. Do not apply when there is a risk of rain or if the atmospheric temperature is with 5°F of the dew point. Avoid applying in direct sunlight when the atmospheric temperature is above 80° F.

Application: Door Restore Express Aerosol is designed to be applied in 2 or more thin coats. At least two coats are required and for longer durability a 3rd coat can be used. After the first coat is applied scratches on the color layer may be more visible due to the increased contrast. Use our Spray Touch-Up paint to repair those before applying your second coat.

Dry Time: 5 - 15 minutes to touch and recoat, 30-45 minutes to handle.

Safety & Handling:

Before using this and all other products read and follow all labels, MDS, MSDS, and technical data sheets. When handling or applying this or any industrial coating or cleaner always wear chemical resistant gloves, goggles, and a properly fitted OSHA approved respirator that employs chemical cartridges. If mixed with other components, mixture will have hazards of all components.

Use only with adequate ventilation! Keep out of reach of children!

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