Door Restore Express, 1 Gallon
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Door Restore Express (Clear):
Door Restore Express, 1 Gallon
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Door Restore Express, 1 Gallon

Now available in Original and VOC compliant formula for Southern California.
Easy application fast drying high gloss clear coat. Tack free in 5 to 15 minutes. The best way to quickly restore shine to your faded and chalking doors.

actual before and after pictures of roll door restoration coating
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100 VOC compliant formula is available for Southern California.
Door Restore Express
Restores Lustre to Chalky & Faded Doors
  • Easy to use - clear one step coating can be sprayed-on with power sprayer
  • Protects - extends the life of the door with UV inhibitors
  • Extensible - reapply as needed to restore shine and protection.
  • Self-Healing - brush out drips and imperfections with a new coat
  • Fast Drying - for quick return to service
Note:  This product is designed to be applied as a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive routine maintenance coating every few years to keep the doors at a "like new" appearance. Depending on a customer's expectation of appearance, the environment, the direction the doors face and other factors the time between recoating can be be from 3-4 years to 8-9 years. Except in the case of the most extreme environments you could expect to reapply on average no more frequently than every 5-6 years to keep that "like new" look. Longer durations will see progressive loss of shine and eventually chalking. It would be best to recoat before chalking starts as 'chalk' is oxidized paint which means you are 'eating' your color layer. The result is more extensive surface preparation to remove the chalking and possibly even the need to repaint before clear coating.

Door Restore Express is a “self healing” type of coating which means the coating “melts” itself. Runs, drips, and sags can be removed using a soft cloth saturated with acetone. Repairs can then easily be done with a brush or a spray can. Future coats can be applied right on top after a simple cleaning, no need for extensive surface preparation.

DO NOT USE strong solvents such as lacquer thinner or acetone to clean doors treated Door Restore Express as it can damage the surface. If surface damage does occur just touch up with a brush or a spray can.

Surface Preparation:

Remove all dust, dirt, grime, and chalk using Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster. (PH neutral cleaners such as “Simple Green” do not break down the chalk and require substantially more physical scrubbing). Apply per label directions. If necessary hand clean with an extra fine abrasive pad to remove any remaining embedded chalk and wipe the surface dust free.
Touch-up any scratches or other damage with “Endura-Clad touch-up paint.


Reduction and Clean-Up: Reduction is normally not required but can be reduced with acetone as needed. Clean drips, spills, and equipment with acetone.

Conditions: Apply when surface and air temperature is between 60°F and 100° F. Do not apply when there is a risk of rain or if the atmospheric temperature is with 5°F of the dew point. Avoid applying in direct sunlight when the atmospheric temperature is above 80° F.

Application: Door Restore Express is designed to by applied in 2 to 3 thin coats.   Recommended equipment is a power sprayer like Wagner MotoCoat. Make sure the sprayer you select is approved for use with acetone and other strong solvents.

Standard airless equipment can also be used but may be harder to control the volume increasing the risk of runs and sags. If using airless equipment use small fine finish tips and utilize as minimal amount of pressure as possible.
For best results apply in multiple thin coats. At least two coats are required and for longer durability a 3rd coat is recommended.

Dry Time: 5 - 15 minutes to touch and recoat, 30-45 to handle.

Warning: Door Restore Express is flammable and care must be taken to avoid sparks or other ignition sources when using and applying this product.

Safety & Handling:

Before using this and all other products read and follow all labels, MDS, MSDS, and technical data sheets. When handling or applying this or any industrial coating or cleaner always wear chemical resistant gloves, goggles, and a properly fitted OSHA approved respirator that employs chemical cartridges. If mixed with other components, mixture will have hazards of all components.

Use only with adequate ventilation! Keep out of reach of children!

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