Should I use Wash 'N Roll or Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster?

In a nutshell it depends on what you are doing.

If you are preparing your doors for refinishing and need to strip off chalk (oxidized paint)  and embedded grime then use Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster. Be aware that using full strength on painted surfaces can dull the shine and if there is a lot of oxidation might even require a repaint. It is important to carefully follow dilution and usage instructions.

If your doors are in good shape but just have dirt and other surface contaminants you can use Wash 'N Roll as a maintenance cleaner. If the doors are very dirty you will adjust dilution and scrub with a soft brush. Afterwards you can periodicaly spray the doors with a more diluted solution as a maintenance rinse -usually without scrubbing after the initial cleaning- and no water rinse is required; Wash 'N Roll can be left to dry on the door for a fast no-streak clean.

Zap-It Chalk & Grime Buster is a powerful low suds cleaner that can be used to remove oxidized paint, grease and grime in preparation for refinishing roll doors or diluted for general  cleaning applications.

Wash 'N Roll is a concentrated, streak-free cleaner and rinsing agent that removes dirt, grime and pollutants that can abrade, breakdown and get baked into your door's finish. > Door Cleaning Products