COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 virus is wrecking havoc and disrupting lives all over the world. Since it seems likely that COVID-19 and other coronaviruses will remain a source of concern for some time to come, we added this section of resources, articles and external websites that you may find helpful and will update it regularly. Click for CDC Coronavirus Information Page.

Topics for Self-Storage

1. Making the Case for a Formal Disinfection & Safety Protocol

With the current pandemic and the very real possibility that we'll see similar events in the future there are plenty of reasons to add disinfection and disease prevention protocols to your routine tasks.

First is the need to control the spread of the disease and keep ourselves, our customers and our co-workers safe. We know the virus can live on surfaces for a while and we have areas like keypads, carts, phones, countertops, restrooms and so on where people could easily pickup active virus. So a disinfection protocol is critical.

Second in the litiginous world in which we live it is not inconcievable that you could be sued if people get sick, or if you are held to not have taken common sense steps to protect the safety of your workers and customers.

Finally not only does a disinfection and safety protocol KEEP you safer, it also helps your employees and your customers FEEL safer. Don't underestimate the value of this. Imagine yourself as a customer concerned about the current pandemic and given a choice between two facilities, one where there is no visible effort taking place, where masks aren't worn or employees express views about how 'this is all fake' and another facility where disinfection is on display, with signs, masks on and a 'we're keeping you safe!' attitude - where would you shop? How likely is it that any customers you lose to a facility that people consider safer' are going to come running back to you when this is over?

You need to have a protocol and work it in such a way that your efforts are visible. In this regard we have a few suggestions on disinfection, record keeping and communication that we hope you'll find of value.

Buisness Resources

News & Discussion

  • Self Storage Talk - An ISS forum where facility owners and vendors discuss issues and offer advice which includes questions and answers regarding the current pandemic.
  • Coronavirus Resource Center - Johns Hopkins page with statistical, trending news and informational resources regarding the coronavirus.

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