Chem-Bake Step #2  (Gallon)
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Chem-Bake Step #2 (Gallon)

Step 2 is a color base coat option for the Chem-Bake system.




  • A proprietary system specifically designed for refinishing overhead roll doors to a factory "baked" type finish.
  • This system incorporates a base color coat which is then chemically baked with a catalyzed acrylic urethane fortified with UV inhibitors.
  • This state of the art system is comparable to hi-end auto refinishing technology but modified for addition flexibility to accommodate the demands of a roll up door.
  • Because this system incorporates a color base coat and a clear top coat the color is never directly exposed to the elements giving extended color retention equal to a "baked" factory finish.
  • Available in hi-gloss and semi-gloss finishes.
  • It is chemical and solvent resistant, and comes with a 8 year *warranty against dulling, fading, chipping, and peeling.
  • When Chem-Bake 8000 is combined with our clear restoration finish for roll doors, applied at 6 year intervals, up to a 18 year (or more) life expectancy can be achieved.
One time custom color set-up charge is $125.00 with up to an additional 5% quantity for coverage.

Each gallon of Chem-Bake Step #2 Colored Base Coat covers approximately 6- 7x8 roll doors or 350 sq ft of flat surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Chem-Bake 8000 suitable for any kind of door?

Chem-Bake 8000 is suitable for any steel, aluminum, Kynar® or silicone Polyester door that is meets coating adhesion tests. It is not suitable for wood or masonry, use Door Armor 4000

2. What do I do if I have excessive peeling on my doors?

We recommend that you scape to factory finish, feather sand and prime the doors with Endura-Clad Bond All. Then spray with Door Armor 4000 not Chem-Bake 8000.

3. How do I tell if Chem-Bake 8000 will pull the previous paint off the doors I'm going to coat?

We recommend doing a compatibility test on the doors. Clean sections on the doors, paint on the different systems to test for adhesion. Allow to dry per specifications. Do a crosshatch test on all sample sections, if the tape pulIs the coatings off to the factory finish layer then consider another system as the substrate adhesion is not good enough to keep Chem-Bake on the door.

4. How long does Chem-Bake 8000 last on my doors?

Chem-Bake 8000 is warranted for 8 years and is can be extended for up to 18 years with scheduled 5 year applications of Door Restore 6000.

5. When do I know my doors need to be refreshed with Door Restore 6000?

When the gloss finish starts to flatten down to a satin sheen and before the Base Color Coat in affected by UV radiation.

6. Does Chem-Bake 8000 step 3 need a reducer?

Yes, to achieve the proper viscosity and material volume to spray 10 -12 7' x 8' doors, Endura-Clad reducers are required for Step 3 Clear Coat. It is not needed for step 2 Base Color Coat although you may add up to 5% water if needed.

7. What is the minimum temperature I can spray Chem-Bake 8000?

Don't apply if the air, surface, or material temperature is below 50 degrees or if it will become so within 2 hours after application of Step 2 or Step 3. Use a laser thermometer for best accuracy

8. If I spray the Step 2 Color Base Coat and it rains before I can apply the Step 3 what do I do.

Wait for the rain to stop, allow the doors to dry and check for any dirt or debris that may have splashed on the doors. If ok, continue the Step 3 process. Remember, don't apply when there is a risk of rain within 48 hours.

9. Do I need to use the whole system to spray doors?

Yes, it is designed to be used as a system. Leaving any part out or substituting items will void the warranty.

10. Can I brush and roll Chem-Bake 8000?

Chem-Bake 8000 is not suitable for rolling but brushing small areas to smooth out coating is acceptable.

11. Do I need special training to apply Chem-Bake 8000?

Applying the Chem-Bake 8000 system is very straight forward, anyone with basic experience using an airless sprayer should be able to apply this system. We do require that you obtain, read and sign a declaration that states you understand and will follow guidelines on the application of the system.

12. The doors are faded but I want to keep the same color.

You may want to use our Door Restore. It is a two part UV resistant clear coat to bring back the original color and luster of the doors.

13. How much reducer do I need?

The specification states up to 1 quart of reducer per kit. You can put a little more in if the conditions warrant it.

14. Are there other reducers I can use besides Endura-Clad reducers?

NO. While medium is used for most applications, fast (for use in temps 45-60 degrees) and slow (for use in temps 75-90 degrees) reducers are available as well as a retarder to achieve additional open time.

15. After spray step 3, can I clean the pump, hose and gun with mineral spirits?

NO, only EC reducer, acetone or lacquer thinner should be used for cleaning equipment.

16. Do I need to use the EC reducer to clean the spray equipment after Step 3?

As stated above, you can use the reducer but lacquer thinner or acetone is acceptable.

17. Can I use a light duty airless pump or cup gun to apply Chem-Bake 8000?

Any commercial, solvent resistant airless sprayer with low pressure capability will spray Chem-Bake 8000.

18. I seem to be going through a lot more coating than expected. What could be the reason?

Going too slow on a pass can allow more film build on the door, resulting in more paint usage.

Over spraying on the masking paper can cost you paint. 6" overspray on an average door can translate to 12 sq. ft. wasted on each door. 12 x 400 doors is 4800 sq. ft. or 12 gallons of step 2 and 12 gallons of step 3 being tossed away with the masking paper.

Each fine finish tip is good for 80 -100 gallons of coatings, if the elliptical opening is worn to a circle, more paint is going on the door. Always switch tips after 80 gallons

19. What colors are available with Chem-Bake 8000?

Chem-Bake 8000 is available for most common roll door colors, we can make custom colors to match your special branding.

20. Can you match the color of my doors?

Yes, we would need a sample of the color you desire and then have you sign off on the match before we ship it to you. There is a charge for matching colors.

21. Where can I buy Chem-Bake 8000 in my area?

All From 1 Supply is the exclusive distributor for Chem-Bake 8000. You can purchase it on the web and have it shipped to you.

22. Can it be shipped anywhere in the country?

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the US.

23. How long does it take before tenants can access their units?

Usually it take 4-6 hours for the system to cure enough for tenant access, please notify tenants that work is to be done to avoid potential issues.

24. Can I use it in Southern California?

We have a version of Chem-Bake 8000 that is VOC compliant for Southern California, along with exempt reducers.

Intended Uses:

  • Overhead Rolling Steel Doors
  • Hollow Core Metal Doors

Can Be Used Over:

  • Bare Steel (Requires application of one coat of Bond-All acrylic primer)
  • Weathered Galvanized Steel
  • Anodized and Non Anodized Aluminum (Requires application of one coat of Bond-All acrylic primer)
  • Previously applies Paints (When properly prepared)
  • Factory Applied Kynar and Silicone Polyester (requires application of one coat of Bond-All acrylic primer)

You affirm that you have reviewed all documentation related to this product and are aware of the correct surface preparation and application procedures.

Note: Please carefully review the documentation we have provided. Failure to apply the product correctly may impact any warranty claims.

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